Should You Hire Professional Removalists or DIY?

Moving for the first time or maybe moving out for job opportunities, it is an exciting time but organizing the entire moving process can be overwhelming the the most part. One of the decisions you’ll have to make is to decide whether you want to DIY or hire a professional removalist. Let’s consider the following to help you come up with what is best for your situation.

1. Consider the distance you are moving

If you’re moving 10 minutes down the road or just moving to a different apartment within the same complex, the decision to DIY may suit if you don’t have a lot of belongings to move. Grab some friends and family along with a round of pizza would usually work out well.

2. Are you moving heavy and bulky items

The furniture items you are moving often can help you decide whether you need to get some professional movers involved. If you are moving bulky furniture like a fridge, washing machine, 3 seater sofas and recliners, and any hardwood timber furniture that is awkward to carry, consider professional movers to help out, they usually have all the tools and equipment to navigate furniture in and out with ease.

3. Have you got time to DIY

If you have plenty of time to move, then DIY may be an affordable option. Consider renting a moving truck for the day.

4. Is sticking to a budget important

Moving can be an expensive process, especially moving interstate or long distance. Consider DIY if you are tight on budget or reducing the amount of furniture you have for a move if you need a removalist to do it cheaper.

5. Are you good and organizing and planning

If you are competent at planning and organizing, then you should have the skills to lead on moving day without any hassle. Organizing a mover, cleaner and vacating a property can be a lot to take in for some so hiring a professional mover can help guide you through the process if you are after a streamline approach.

In many ways, hiring a professional mover takes away a lot of the stress on moving day. Having all our items packed and secured on a moving truck by qualified professionals can ensure your rental property isn’t damaged during furniture moving. There is nothing worse than having to pay more in damages just because some old bulky furniture wasn’t moved properly. Having your furniture moved from one place to another and have boxes positioned in the correct rooms by movers can help save time, so all you have to do is unpack and enjoy your new home.

Of course a DIY move also has benefits, it can save you lots of money and you can do it at your own pace. This is simple to do if you are moving out of a one bedroom home but not so easy for a family with children with a large inventory list. Moving long distance is also a challenge as you’ll need to rent a truck large enough to carry all your items. Then there is also the chance of friends or family being severely injured or at worse, having a fatal accident just because you couldn’t afford a professional moving service.

Every situation is different and one move is never the same as the next, so it is important to consider what suits your needs before deciding whether to DIY or hire a professional mover.